True Story:

How I Turned My Blog Into An Affiliate Program...
In A Freak Accident!

(And How You Can Too!)

Make Any Site An Affiliate Site With Zero Coding...

Turn "Dud" Sites Into Consistent Money-Makers
That Grow While You Sleep!

I'm Robert Plank, PHP programmer and Internet marketer.

Despite having been marketing on the internet for over 8 years, I only began writing a blog to promote my products in January 2008...

After writing several blog posts, getting traffic to the blog and promoting my products... to produce a reliable and repeatable stream of income... I realized I was leaving heavy piles of cash on the table!

... Along With Every Other Blogger In Existence!

Expert super-marketers like John Reese, Mike Filsaime and Frank Kern keep telling you how the Internet is about to change...

They tell you that you need use smart marketing to stay one step ahead of your growing competition.

You need an affiliate program so you can conduct joint ventures -- JVs.

When you have an affiliate program and offer others commission for bringing in sales, you multiply your income.

You build an army of affiliates to promote your incredible product to their mailing lists, write and test AdWords ads, and mention it on forums.

"But Robert," you say, "I already HAVE an affiliate program!"

Oh Really?
Does Every Site You Own Have An Affiliate Program?

Do your blogs, article directories and authority sites have affiliate programs?

After several weeks of blogging I noticed that every now and then, someone would post on a related forum about a recent blog post of mine.

The marketer in me said: I need to make it worth this person's while to KEEP linking to my site for weeks to come.

What began as a simple little Clickbank modification to my WordPress blog... became bigger and bigger... and has now grown -- by accident! -- into a mammoth script called JV Plus.

JV Plus Adds Any Affiliate Program (Not Just Clickbank) To Any Site (Not Just WordPress Blogs)!

JV Plus is a simple drop-in solution that's so easy to install, it has to be seen to be believed... and you can see it! There's a 7-minute demo video below.

Like it or not, the Internet is currently smack in the middle of the Web 2.0 social networking generation. People mention you on their MySpace and Facebook accounts. They vote your link up on Digg, Reddit, Technocrati...

Why not give others a reason to link to your site?

Why not reward people them cold hard cash?

Why not get them to link to your site again... and again and again?

JV Plus... my plug and play PHP/JavaScript hybrid solution, makes all this a reality... beyond your wildest dreams:

  • Easiest installation you've ever seen.
    Rebrand all your links into affiliate links with just one line of JavaScript code.
  • Your pages will still convert very well.
    Make links totally invisible... so they don't look like affiliate links AT ALL!
  • Very affordable price.
    Use this on as many domains as you own with just ONE install.

This Really is the Key to Fort Knox!
NO Other Script On The Market Does All This!

  • Make money using your EXISTING pages. JV Plus works on page on your site: PHP, Perl, even static HTML.
  • Flexible with multiple payment processors, so you have more chances to make money. JV Plus integrates with Clickbank, $7 Scripts, PayDotCom, or ANY affiliate program you choose!
  • Remember: It's Not JUST For Blogs! JV Plus works flawlessly with WordPress... unlike many other JavaScripts out there... and it also works without problems on any article directory, hand-built authority site, or database-driven store!

Including More Features That Only A Crazy Internet Marketer Like Me Would Use... And I Do -- Every Day!

  • You can be generous and tell JV Plus to credit all traffic from a certain traffic source (such as
  • You give commissions to the owner of that domain name.
  • The owner of that site can simply link to ANY page of your site without an affiliate link... and they are locked-in to commission on any future sale!

You aren't limited to claiming traffic from individual domains.

Let's say someone on a popular forum starts a thread mentioning a page on your web site.

With one line of code, you can add a note to JV Plus to credit the person who started that thread, with the affiliate sale.

For the First Time Ever:
Secret Affiliate Tactics to Make Your Sales Go Ballistic!

  • Co-brand your blog pages to display custom text depending on which affiliates send you traffic.
  • Get in on the tiny little subdomain secret that I use to build up fierce loyalty from affiliates and make it painless for anyone to promote my sites!
  • One page quick start guide gets you up and running in just 66 seconds... or less!
  • Seven quick step-by-step tutorials explaining exactly how to customize JV Plus to meet your custom needs!

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

Let's Quickly Go Over What You're Getting From Me...

  • Instant download... you'll have this powerful PHP script in your hands just seconds after hitting the order button.
  • You'll get a detailed how-to PDF manual showing how to get this working with ANY site... ANY payment processor... and do anything you want (commission sharing, co-branding, traffic claiming, etc.)
  • An 8-week no questions asked "love it or shove it" money-back guarantee -- if JV Plus hasn't multiplied your affiliate sales before November 19th, 2020, just get your money back!
  • Free updates for life. Any time I make a small bugfix or major upgrade to the script, even if I jack up the price, you get all updates as a bonus, absolutely free.

Think about this for a second:
122 of your competitors are already using JV Plus.

If each one of those people had 10 sites on average (that's a conservative estimate -- some people are involved in thousands of niches) that means you have 1,220 JV Plus-enabled sites to compete with.

Do you have a site in one of those 1,220 niches?

How many more clever site builders will have their hands on this script in a week or a monthy from now? 100 more? 200 more?

Will you wake up one day, check your e-mail inbox and find messages from a huge army of hungry affiliates promoting someone ELSE'S site using this script?

Will you surrender and let these sites overtake you... or are you ready to out-perform those other niche sites by adding an affiliate program RIGHT NOW?

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